Department of Pharmaceutics & Formulations

Pharmaceutics is the study of Relationships b/w drug formulation, delivery, disposition & clinical response. It also encompasses a molecular evaluational of drug metabolism & transport processes & the study of environmental & disease related factors that regulate for perburb those pocesses as well as the fundamentals

The department of pharmaceutics is a place where an unvaiving commitment to excellence in research, instruction & service is demonstrated through extra ordinary productivity & success  of our faculty, staff & students.

Focuses on physiologically Based approaches to drug delivery & disposition. We offer a franing environment that includes laboratory instrumentation and technologies, Awarded winning faculty, devoted & experienced teachers & knowledgeable staff.

Pharmaceutics is the discipline of Pharmacy that deals with all facets of the process of burning a new chemical enbity (NCE) into a safe & effective medications deals with the formulation of pure drug substance into dosage form.

Pharmaceutics is subject that included in 4 years of B.Pharm :-

1 Physical pharmacy                           2 Pharmaceutical Engineering

3 Cosmeticology                                 4 Biopharmaceutics

5 Bioinformatics                                 6 Pharmaceutical Technology Packaging 

7 Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence          8 Nove Drug Delivery Systems.

The labs have been constructed with canceled water & sewage lines, laminated table tops, lights & provision of adequate spaces includes equipments & machines to deal with dosage development include ointment, creams, gel powders, capsules tablets coating pan, size reduction mill, dealing with specific dosage form requirements like solid & semisolids etc.

Mainly equipment dealing with:


·         Tablet Manual Rotator Machine.

·         Capsule  Filling & Sealing Machine

·         Ointment Filling Machine

·         Bottle Washing Machine

·         Ampoule Filling Machine

·         Refrigerator

·         Disintegration Equipment

·         Dissolution Apparatus

·         Autoclave and Hot Air Oven

·         Pan Coater

·         Bench Top Centrifugal

·         Bulk Density Apparatus

·         Water Bath

·         Magnetic Stirrers

·         Friability Test Apparatus

·         Melting Point Apparatus

·         Digital pH Meter

·         Ball Mill

·         Hot Plate

·         Freeze Driver


·         Mechanical Sieve Test Machine