Career Scope and Opportunities in the field of Pharmacy

 Career Scope and Opportunities in the field of Pharmacy

Aspiring students looking forward to exploring career opportunities in the healthcare sector other than working as medical professionals could step into the pharma sector.

Pharmacy uses clinical science knowledge, primarily to discover and design drugs. Because the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors are interdependent, neither sector could exist without the other operating effectively.

If you’re considering pharmacy as your career the major courses that you can go for pursuing are B. Pharma, M. Pharma, or a diploma in Pharmacy (Pharma.D). Pharma graduates have high demand in sectors like healthcare, research manufacturing, medical sales & marketing, pharmacovigilance, etc. 

Below we have detailed to you the course, scope, and future of pharmacy in India. 

What is Pharmacy? 

Pharmacy is the clinical health science, related to the development, production, distribution, and safe administration of medications. It primarily addresses the study and comprehension of chemistry as a subject. The aim of pharmacy is the assurance of the safe and effective use of medicines”.

There are a multitude of degrees that are offered under this domain, primarily including graduate degree program B. Pharma which is a 4-year degree course, and master’s degree program M. Pharma. 

Scope of B.Pharma/ M.Pharma in India 

After passing high school with Physics, Chemistry & Maths(PCM) as your main subjects,  you can go for choosing the two below-mentioned courses:

Pharma or bachelor of pharmacy is a 4-year undergraduate pharmacy course that focuses on chemical science and health. Throughout the B. Pharma program, students are introduced to various medicines and drugs and their uses, effects & side effects. To be eligible for admission in this course, a student must pass high school in Physics, Chemistry & Maths subjects. The minimum requirement of marks varies with different Pharmacy institutes.

M.Pharma or master of pharmacy is a 2-year post-graduate course that one pursues after completing a B. Pharma course. The course could be pursued in various specialties, Bansal Pharmacy offers M. Pharma in the following specialties: Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Microbiology & Biotechnology, and Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry. 

In India Pharmacy programs are industry-focused; hence Pharmacy graduates have a higher employment rate than graduates in other healthcare specialties.

As a pharma graduate, you can work in positions such as hospital pharmacist, drug inspector, and drug controller. Today, with a degree in pharmacy, there is also a high need for new-age job positions like big data analyst, computational pharmacist, healthcare management scientist, life cycle management scientist, etc.

Other opportunities after B. Pharma & M.Pharma 

Other positions in the pharmaceutical industry wherein you can apply after a graduate or master’s degree program are: 

  • Analytical Chemist
  • Customs Officer
  • Drug therapist
  • Quality control manager
  • Quality control analyst 

Future of Pharmacy 

Pharmacy graduates play an important role in overall healthcare management, they are like a backbone to the healthcare sector. 

The pharma sector is transitioning from being a traditional to a highly technology-driven sector as scientists and inventors use cutting-edge technologies to find & predict impending health risks.

The future pharmacist is required to master both clinical and digital science to meet the demands of the vastly evolving healthcare industry. 

This will open a door to ample opportunities for the students choosing to pursue a career in the pharma industry. And thus, will eventually drive employment growth in the country.