Placement assistance provided to students …..As the college was established in 2003, nine batches have  passed out from the college. Due to four year hard-work by the student and able guidance of faculty members our most students are placed in highly reputed companies. Major areas are as Pharmacist in Govt. Sector, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, formulation development, Research & Development, Self entrepreneurship, Sales of Pharmaceuticals, Retail and wholesale drug distribution Hospital pharmacist etc. Some are gone for post graduate course like M.Pharm. , MBA etc.

All academic & soft skill development pursuits are aimed at preparation, participation and selection of students at campus placement in reputed industries. Management of Bansal Group has identified this as a KRA (Key Result Area) for all their Institutes. A Centralized Training & Placement Cell, headed by dynamic and energetic officer Mr. L. Vivek Thomas  takes care of all related activities. He is assisted by the group colleges Training & Placement Cell. Success does not come overnight, what comes overnight is realization. The realization of ones abilities and latent talent when merged with proper guidance brings an outstanding performer. Here, at Bansal group we thrive to multiply such wonderful combinations of training and aptness. A keen analysis of the student’s insight and inbuilt traits continues along with the rigorous training and learning sessions to help them reach their destination, providing a professional platform to the students, to experience the changing trends and techniques in the process of learning, is a great advantage and support for them. We enhance the technical skills and technological awareness of our students for this Hi-tech environment & rapidly advancing world. 

A degree is not enough for a student, hence ripening of personality and value based broad vision and thinking is also stressed upon. Complete and upgraded course formats and systematic patterns of subjects help them acquire knowledge in an easy manner. We enhance the aptitude and take the students to a higher and broader level of experience and exposure and provide a lively and happy atmosphere at the institute.

Students NamePlacement CompanyPlacements Date
Mr.Satya Narayan PatelSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Gopal SinghSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr. Hemant MishraSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr. Aadarsh KumarSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Ms. Kaushambi ShuklaSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Ashay GuptaSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Bobby AhirwarSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Shivam VishwakarmaSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.CetanSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Jaikishor Kumar MahtoSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Prakash Kumar MishraSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Purushottam SharanSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Rajat TripathiSpectrum BioCides India Pvt.Ltd31/02/2023
Mr.Abhishek KesharoaniSuran pharma29/07/2022
Mr.Vaibhav SahuLife Span28/10/2021
Mr.AshutoshLife Span28/10/2021
Mr.Ankit DhakadLife Span28/10/2021
Mr.Atul RangdaleLife Span28/10/2021
Mr.Abhinay TiwariAjanta Pharma28/07/2022
Mr.Ashish MishraAlkem24/06/2022
Mr.Pankaj PatankarInnova Salution23/05/2022
Mr.Ritik PalInnova Salution23/05/2022
Mr.Anas KhanInnova Salution23/05/2022
Mr.Vikas PrajapatiInnova Salution23/05/2022
Mr.SanketInnova Salution23/05/2022
Mr.Shashank PandeyInnova Salution23/05/2022
Mr.Rohit VasudevInnova Salution23/05/2022
Ms.Kajal KaranMidas Apollo Group22/10/2021
Ms. Diksha SinghMidas Apollo Group22/10/2021
Mr. Adarsh AgnihitriMidas Apollo Group22/10/2021
Mr. Abhishek ShrivasMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr. Adarsh PatidarMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Aman KhatriMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Goldi ParmarMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Jitendra PatelMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Kuldeep KushwahaMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Mayank ShrivastavaMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Nikhil NayakMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Pavan RajakMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Sourav SharmaMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Shivendra Kumar GuptaMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Tarun KurmiMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Pravesh DhakadMedika Bazar21/04/2022
Mr.Ashay GuptaEndod Pharmaceutical Ltd21/01/2023
Ms.Anchal DhakadEndod Pharmaceutical Ltd21/01/2023
Mr.Anubhav DubeyCryoviva Biotecch Pvt. Ltd21/01/2023
Mr.Abhay PandeyCryoviva Biotecch Pvt. Ltd21/01/2023
Mr.Jaikishor MahtoCryoviva Biotecch Pvt. Ltd21/01/2023
Mr.Prakash Kumar MishraCryoviva Biotecch Pvt. Ltd21/01/2023
Ms.Ambika LodhiCryoviva Biotecch Pvt. Ltd21/01/2023
Mr.Abhishek DhakadPukhraj Healthcare20/10/2021
Ms. Diksha SinghAdvantmed20/09/2021
Mr.Avishesh ShuklaAdvantmed20/09/2021
Mr.Hrishabh JainAdvantmed20/09/2021
Ms.Shivani SinghAdvantmed20/09/2021
Mr.Shekhar SinghAdvantmed20/09/2021
Mr.Lokesh SatpateAdvantmed20/09/2021
Mr.Shubham AliVisudh Ajivam18/10/2021
Ms.Anjali SoniVisudh Ajivam18/10/2021
Ms.Aarzoo KhanVisudh Ajivam18/10/2021
Ms.Shivanshi SinghVisudh Ajivam18/10/2021
Mr.Abhishek ShrivasPontika Aerotech18/05/2022
Mr.Hemant MishraN R Cunsulting15/10/2022
Mr.Aman KhanFpizer15/10/2021
Mr.Shubham AliFpizer15/10/2021
Mr.Prabhat PatelFpizer15/10/2021
Mr.Shivam MajhiHimalaya13/10/2023
Mr.Shivanshu KesharoaniHimalaya13/10/2022
Mr.Adarsh kumarIndor E-Solution13/10/2022
Mr.Abhishek Singh ThakurIndor E-Solution13/10/2022
Mr.Hemant MishraIndor E-Solution13/10/2022
Mr.ChetanIndor E-Solution13/10/2022
Mr.Yash Kumar ChikhaleIndor E-Solution13/10/2022
Mr.Abhay Kumar PandeyIndor E-Solution13/10/2022
Mr.Hariom NiranjanIndor E-Solution13/10/2022
Mr.Piyush ShuklaMankind05/082023
Mr.Pranshu ShuklaWallance Rivela01-07-2022
Mr.Krishna Pratap SinghIPCA06-05-2022
Ms.Shrishti RaghuwanshiLoyzon Biotech06-04-2022
Mr.Mayank SahuBansal Tech Professionals Pvt.Ltd12-02-2022
Mr.Vishwas DwivediBansal Tech Professionals Pvt.Ltd12-02-2022
Mr.adarsh ChourasiyaBansal Tech Professionals Pvt.Ltd12-02-2022
Mr.Rajnikat PandeySyndicate pharma06-01-2022
Mr.Rahul SharmaSyndicate pharma06-01-2022
Mr.Jayant NeekhraAmeha Healthcare09-11-2021
Ms.JyotiAmeha Healthcare09-11-2021
Mr.Sonu KumarCIMS10-08-2021
Mr.Prpduman KeerCIMS10-08-2021
Mr.Akash AdarshSystopic08-08-2021
Mr.Anchal SharmaReliance10-04-2021
Mr.Sonu KeerReliance10-04-2021
Mr.Shekhar PatelBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Dilip KumbhakarBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Mayank SharmaBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Shekhar SinghBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Satyam SinghBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Krishna KumarBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Avishesh ShuklaBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Prushottam KatreBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Kaushlesh DubeyBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Hrishbh JainBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Zaid Ullah KhanBhart Biotech10-03-2021
Mr.Krishna KumarGlenmark10-01-2021
Mr.Ankit LithareGlenmark10-01-2021
Ms.Bhawnan Rathoree Noah i Solution India Pvt LtdJan- March 2020
Ms. Chanda Malviyae Noah i Solution India Pvt LtdJan- March 2020
Mr.Rahul Patele Noah i Solution India Pvt LtdJan- March 2020
Ms. Bhawna RathoreArtech Infosytems Pvt. Ltd.Jan- March 2020
Ms. Bhawnan RathoreR1 RCM Global Private LimitedJan- March 2020
Mr. Rahul PatelR1 RCM Global Private LimitedJan- March 2020
Mr. Rahul PatelCIPLA Ltd.Jan- March 2020
Mr. Mukul PalMankind PharmaJan- March 2020
Mr. Arpit RaiMankind PharmaJan- March 2020
Mr. Yash ShrivastavMankind PharmaJan- March 2020
Mr. Nihak RajakPro BiotechJan- March 2020
Mr. Yash ShrivastavLupin LimitedJan- March 2020
Mr. Avneel kushwahaAppolo Hospital2 June 2019
Mr. Gourav TripathiGlenmark1 June 2019
Mr. AshutoshScott Edil27 May 2019
Ke. Sajal ShuklaScott Edil27 May 2019
Mr. Anik PrajapatiAdvant Med LLP20 March 2019
Mr.Satish KushwahaAdvant Med LLP20 March 2019
Mr. Muheeb AnsariAdvant Med LLP20 March 2019
Mr. Sudheer VermaAdvant Med LLP20 March 2019
Ms. Arti NagarAdvant Med LLP20 March 2019
Ms. Jyoti VishwakarmaAdvant Med LLP20 March 2019
Mr. Bibin ThamosAdvant Med LLP20 March 2019
Mr. Shivansh MishraAdvant Med LLP20 March 2019
Mr Himanshu RathoreMacleods Pharmaceuticals05 march 2019
Mr. Pavan VermaMacleods Pharmaceuticals05 march 2019
Miss KamaliniMacleods Pharmaceuticals05 march 2019
Mr. Vivek PandayMacleods Pharmaceuticals05 march 2019
Mr. BrijbhushanMacleods Pharmaceuticals05 march 2019
Ms. Sanchita ShrivastavaCipala Ltd.31 Jan 2019
Mr. Shivansh MishraCipala Ltd.31 Jan 2019
Mr. Monu ThakurNirlife Pharma19 Sep 2018
Bhagwan SinghNirlife Pharma19 Sep 2018
Mr. Manish SahuBansal Hospital20 June 2018
Mr. Ashish VishwakarmaIPCA Laboratories24th April 2018
Mr. AnkumarBansal Hospital22 April 2018
Mr. Anil ManjhiBansal Hospital22 April 2018
Miss Ranu TumranBansal Hospital22 April 2018
Mr. Faizan KhanBochem Healtcare Pvt. Ltd24 Feb 2018
Mr. Mayank JainBochem Healtcare Pvt. Ltd24 Feb 2018
Mr. Faizan KhanSynchem Laboratoris17 Feb 2018
Mr. Chotelal kuswahaBennet Pharma17 Feb 2018
Mr. VikramBennet Pharma17 Feb 2018
Miss. Ayushi jainAdvant Med LLP9 Feb 2018
Miss. Nikita NagarAdvant Med LLP9 Feb 2018
Miss. Khusboo LowanshiAdvant Med LLP9 Feb 2018
Mr. Subham PandeyAdvant Med LLP9 Feb 2018
Mr. Faizan khanAdvant Med LLP9 Feb 2018
Mr. Setu KumarTCS2018
Mr. Aniruddh ParikhTCS2018
Mr. Ravi RajTCS2018