Bansal College of Pharmacy, is committed to impart quality education at an affordable cost to the students enabling them to become industry – ready professionals.

The salient measures are taken at Bansal College of Pharmacy, to maintain sustained high quality of education are :-

  • Rigorous process for selection of  Staff involves written test followed by interview by a committee of experts and presentation.
  • Periodic monitoring of capability of teachers through written examinations.
  • Preparation of unit- wise lecturer notes by the faculty members and their quality checks by subject experts.
  • Reference Manual and CANVAS e-learning System a source of immense knowledge for students and a technical guide for systematic and regular study, is provided.
  • Ensuring minimum 75% attendance of the students through a regular monitoring system.
  • A well established system of timely intimating those parents whose wards fall short of 75% attendance and reminding them to ensure that their wards must have minimum threshold level of 75% attendance, a condition necessary for meeting eligibility criteria for appearing in college level examinations and university examinations.
  • Focus on ensuring that the students religiously perform laboratory experiments to acquire practical knowledge commensurate with theoretical inputs imparted to them.
  • Pre placement training by subject experts as a additional part of course curriculum.
  • Our education system is thus following the dictum “Reform, Perform and Transform.”

We extend a warm welcome to you to kindly visit our institutes to take stock of best infrastructural and technical facilities available for empowering the students in their all-round development enabling them to transform into competent professionals before taking final decision for admission of your ward.