Pharmaceutical Chemistry emphasizes on the chemistry of drug design and development, drug action, drug transport, drug delivery, and targeting. The development of new pharmaceuticals is critically dependent on a molecular-level understanding of biological processes and mechanisms of drug action. Progress in the field depends on the design and synthesis of new molecules using tools such as structure activity relationships, combinatorial chemistry, and computer-aided drug design.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry undergraduate department at the institute emphasizes on educating the students on understanding of molecular basis underlying the creation of new drugs and health applications of bioactive compounds. The post graduate department offers a wide area of research as: synthesis of new therapeutic agents, development of validated analytical methods for single and multi drug formulations, development of stability indicating methods for pharmaceuticals, phytopharmacological investigation of crude drugs, determination of impurity profile of pharmaceuticals, research area synthetic medicinal chemistry, pharmaceutical analysis and Phytochemistry, QSAR, Impurity profile, Drug-Excipient  Interaction.

The laboratories are very well equipped and enriched with modern facilities with separate instrument room for sophisticated equipment. The sophisticated instruments available with us are Waters Binary HPLC system, UV-Vis Spectrophotometer (Schimadzu 1700), Autoanalyser, Karl Fischer Autotitrator, microwave assisted synthesis facility, Muffle furnace,Flame photometer, Photoflurimeter, pH meter,Conductivity meter, Refractometer ,Polarometer , Nephelo-turbidometer , Uv-visible inspection cabinate , Vaccume oven, KFR, Digital balance,TLC-Spreader, Soxhelets apparatus, Colorimeter, Digital microscope, etc. A good imagination and persistence are the two important qualities that our faculty members posses along with their healthy experience to nurture the students in their day to day activities.

We explore fundamental biological mechanisms and molecules of therapeutic relevance for better health, empowered by novel technologies at the interface of chemistry, physics, and computational sciences. Our department’s excellence in education and research continues to receive nationally and internationally acclaim and recognition. Scholars are welcomed into our labs where they receive the advanced research experience they need to become leaders in their fields. We are committed to sharing advances in our fields of study with all the students we teach.

Pharmaceutics is subject that included in 4 years of B.Pharm :-

Eligibility Criteria