National Seminar on Preparedness for Career Growth Opportunities

 National Seminar on Preparedness for Career Growth Opportunities

The Seminar was started by lightening the lamp and Saraswati Poojan by Dr. Sanjay Jain   Jt. Secretary, BGI and visited guests. Dr. Sanjay Jain highlighted about the need of training and skill development among the students. He has also highlighted the activity of Bansal Group.

Dr. Subhash Pande, Principal Advisor and Council Member, subject expert  given the power-point presentation about the new areas of pharmaceuticals including production, QC,GA with other areas i.e. API( Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients). He has also mentioned about the scope in allied product/accessory products like packing, printing, transport, cold chain etc.

Another speaker Ms. Kanchan Wankhede, Career Counselor, DSRD Institute Pvt. Ltd.,  demonstrated the need of training and activities of DSRD Institute.

Dr. D.  Murali Krishna, Director, DSRD Institute Pvt. Ltd, highlighted about the leadership qualities, corporate presentation, stress management, Team management and industrial overview in his lecture.

Welcome address was given by Dr. S. Nayak, Principal, Bansal College of Pharmacy.

Program was  coordinated by Ms. Supriya Sharma, Assistant Professor, Bansal College of Pharmacy, and was attended by around 225 participants (online/offline).