Medical coding Training 1-7Nov 2022

 Medical coding Training 1-7Nov 2022

A six days medical coding training was organized by Bansal College of Pharmacy, for B. pharm 7th Sem students. The aim of this training session was to enhance knowledge and skill in the field ofmedical coding & literacy to work effectively within the workplace and get more carrier opportunities in the pharmacyfield.

Mr.Ankit Gaur medical coder in AdvantmedIndiaLLP. was conducted the training.

In this session topics were focused a brief introduction about medical coding, the USAhealthcare overview, how medical insurance companieswork and how the business of medical codingcomes intothepictureandhowtobecomeamedicalcoder,skillsetrequiredformedicalcoding.UShealthcareindustry,medicalcodingcompanies,regulating bodies like AAPC and the American medical association and the linkage between the Patient-provider is adoctorandPayer isaninsurancecompany sometimesGovernment. Basic medical terminology used in medicalcodingandduringthemedicalrecordcodingandmakingprocess.the trainer gives knowledge about the Anatomy and physiology of the bodysystemandthepathophysiologyassociatedwithdrugsMOAtheRespiratorysystemandtheUrinarysystem. Endocrineandcardiovascularsystems.

In this training B. Pharm 7th Sem 68 students were presented.Aquizandtestwereconductedonthelastdayofthetrainingprogram.The program was coordinated by Prof. Purnima Tripathi.