College Visit Organised for B.Pharmacy 3rd Semester Student at Sanchi Stupa on  (03/November/ 2023)

 College Visit Organised for B.Pharmacy 3rd Semester Student at Sanchi Stupa on  (03/November/ 2023)

The Bansal College of Pharmacy, Bhopal embarked on an educational and cultural excursion to the Sanchi Buddhist Stupa on November 03, 2023. The trip aimed to provide our students with a deeper understanding of the rich cultural and historical heritage of India, as well as to offer a unique perspective on the historical significance of Buddhism.

The trip commenced early in the morning as our group of 53 students and 4 faculty members departed from the college campus by buses. The 50 km journey to Sanchi from BGI, Bhopal provided ample opportunity for interaction and discussions among the students.

Upon arriving at the Sanchi Stupa complex, we were greeted by a knowledgeable guide who accompanied us throughout the visit. The day’s activities included Visit to the Sanchi Museum ,Lecture on Buddhism, Interactive Discussions, Picnic Lunch Educational Benefits

 The excursion also promoted a sense of community among the students and faculty.The trip to Sanchi Buddhist Stupa was a remarkable success, providing our students with an unforgettable educational experience. It allowed them to explore the historical significance of Buddhism and appreciate the cultural wealth of India. 

Overall, the visit to Sanchi Stupa was an enlightening journey that left an indelible mark on all of us and fostered a deeper appreciation for our country’s rich history and cultural heritage. The trip coordinated by  Prof.Sourabh Singh and Prof.Ankit Gour and non teaching staff  Mr.Rahul Sharma and Mr. Sourabh Shivhare.

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