Ganeshotsav 2023: A Grand Celebration at Bansal College of Pharmacy

 Ganeshotsav 2023: A Grand Celebration at Bansal College of Pharmacy

Bansal College of Pharmacy celebrated Shri Ganesh Mahotsav(16th Sthapna). GANESH UTSAV – started by welcoming Lord Ganesha for Sthapana at Activity Hall with rituals 

Sthapana of Lord Ganesha

The celebration commenced with the traditional Sthapana of Lord Ganesha’s idol in a beautifully adorned Pandal. The atmosphere was charged with devotion as students, faculty, and staff came together to witness the auspicious moment. The idol was lovingly decorated with vibrant flowers and adorned with garlands. The divine aura of the Pandal resonated with the collective prayers and chants of those present.

Tashe and Welcome Dance

To welcome Lord Ganesha with enthusiasm, the college students organized a magnificent procession. 5TH sem Students led the way, and performed a mesmerizing welcome danceby 3rd sem students. The energy and spirit of this procession set the tone for the entire celebration.

Sundar Kand Path

On September 23rd, a spiritually enriching Sundar Kand Path was organized, where students and faculty came together to recite verses from the Ramayana. The path was a serene and melodious experience, with students also dancing to soulful bhajans. It was a beautiful blend of devotion and cultural celebration that left everyone feeling spiritually uplifted.


As the festival came to a close, the college community bid a joyous farewell to Lord Ganesha during the visarjan ceremony. A DJ played lively music as students danced with abandon, expressing their gratitude and affection for the deity. The atmosphere was filled with joy as everyone enthusiastically participated in the visarjan procession, bidding goodbye to Lord Ganesha with smiles on their faces.

The Program successfully coordinated by Dr. Priyanka Singh and The success of Ganeshotsav 2K23 was largely attributed to the diligent efforts of the 5th-semester students who worked tirelessly to organize the event. Students Aman Dangi, Ujjwal Pandey, Kanishka Rathore,Abhishek Gupta, AyushiVerma, Adarsh Dangi and, Deepanshu Puri,Abhishek Singh, Avneesh Tripathi,along with their dedicated team. Their commitment and coordination were commendable, for making the celebration memorable

In conclusion, Ganeshotsav 2K23 at our college campus was a grand celebration that brought the entire college community together in joy, devotion, and cultural fervor.

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