Industrial Training Session from 13-21 July- 2023

 Industrial Training Session from 13-21 July- 2023

A seven days training program was organized by Bansal College of Pharmacy, held on from 26th of JULY 2023, the aim of this training session has to create professional awareness and carrier opportunities in pharmaceutical industries and its role in health care system. Our eminent trainer Mr. Prayansh Rajak he is currently working in Lupin Ltd., Mandideep at the post of. Regulatory Affairs Executive Lupin Mandideep.

In this session topics were focused

On day one an Inaugural  Lecture on Current status of pharmaceutical industry in India  Major Departments of Pharmaceutical industry and their roles with career prospective  Management of industry and on day second Rules and regulation of pharmaceutical industry  Review previous learnings. CAPA,Change controls, Annual Reports All ICH guidelines, DMF and Modules ECTD Communication Skills Ideas sharing regarding future after pharmacy Govt job prospective after pharmacy and strategy to crack it Personality development session Personality development session Students Counseling to face interviews.

Extended Q&A session Idea sharing how to crack competitive exams Necessary Books Author and syllabus regarding DI exam

Tricks to crack DI exam Interviews of 26 students as per multinational industry level Interviews of 28 Students as per multinational industry level Sign off lecture

The Program was coordinated by Prof. Purnima Tripathi.

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